Things to Know When Choosing New Stone Countertops in Mequon, WI

Selecting the best countertops in Mequon, WI, for your kitchen can be a tough decision. Stone is consistently the favorite choice for countertops. Stone is a naturally durable material that offers a wide range of options and price points. But before selecting your new stone countertops, do your homework to ensure you get something that matches your needs. Here are the top three things to know before choosing stone countertops.

Know the Common Types of Stone

There are six kinds of stone that are typically used for kitchen countertops: marble, granite, quartz, slate, limestone, and soapstone. Each option has its own qualities and pros and cons. Deciding on one depends on how you need the countertops to function. Marble, granite, slate, limestone, and soapstone are natural stones, while quartz is man-made. Because natural stones are quarried, there’s less control over the veining pattern and color and a slightly higher price tag.

Know If the Surface Is Heat Resistant

Natural stone countertops are typically heat resistant, so granite, marble, limestone, slate, and soapstone can all withstand high temperatures. Quartz will crack under extreme heat, so it’s important not to place hot pots directly onto the surface. While natural stones can withstand high temps, it’s still smart to place hot dishes on trivets or pads to preserve these countertops.

Know If the Surface Is Porous

Quartz is a nonporous surface and does not require sealing; it’s resistant to stains and doesn’t absorb harmful bacteria, mold, or viruses. Soapstone and slate are also nonporous and don’t require sealing. However, granite, limestone, and marble are all porous stone countertops that will easily stain, so sealing is necessary to preserve these surfaces.