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Choosing Commercial Countertops

Commercial Countertops in Milwaukee, WIAs a business owner, it’s common sense that commercial environments have different needs than residential spaces. Countertops should be taken seriously, as they can add considerable value to your space. You need designs and surfaces that are durable and able to survive almost any circumstance.

Choosing the right commercial countertop in Milwaukee, WI, can be the difference between making a solid investment and watching your dollars go down the drain.

Best in Class

Stay informed of the most widely used commercial countertops. When considering a new counter, these are some of the top performers:

Quartz: Nonporous and resistant to staining and corrosion, quartz is much more sanitary than any of its counterparts. Being low maintenance and high in durability makes it your ideal commercial countertop.

Granite: A hard material, not susceptible to scratches, and handles wear and tear very well. Although heat resistant, the surface is porous, meaning it can harbor bacteria.

Stainless Steel: This industrial-strength, durable, and nonporous material is easy to clean and disinfect. While heat, rust, corrosion, and stains are non-issues, the product dents and scratches easily, and fingerprint smudges are its nemesis.

Laminate: Budget-friendly and heavy-duty, laminate can be ideal for busy kitchens. However, it doesn’t have the same long-term durability as a stone; it’s not as heat resistant and takes more work to keep the surface clean.

Weighing your budget is essential, but with countertops, safety and durability should always be considered. If you have any concerns, it’s always best to speak with an expert before the renovation begins.


Designing Custom Cabinets for Your Home

Custom Cabinets in Milwaukee, WIWhen it comes to your home décor, “one size fits all” doesn’t always cut it. Standard layouts and construction may seem more practical, but they don’t offer the same captivating and rewarding feeling that is gained by creating your own style — one that can’t be copied.

To start the transformation of your home base, many people think about durability and space-saving techniques, while always working towards a unique design that fits their space perfectly. Custom cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, offer endless opportunities for updating your room’s atmosphere and adding extra space for storage.

Make Ordinary Cabinetry Extraordinary

If home is truly where the heart is, it should be a reflection of your family, but also functional for your routine. Here are a few reasons why customizing is critical:

Unlimited Options: Custom cabinet shops work with you and allow you to express your personality, however colorful and quirky it may be.

Value and Quality: Always built to order, and from premium materials, the right custom cabinets are executed with precision and superior finishes.

Specialty Storage: These practical storage solutions are simple and will meet your needs perfectly because they are designed with only your space in mind.

Good Looks and Long Life Span: With no substitute for high-quality craftsmanship, custom cabinet makers are considered artists in their field, and their pieces and installations often last for generations.