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New Bathroom Vanities Will Always Impress Your Guests

Transform Your Bathroom Vanities in Milwaukee, WI

When you invite people into your home, you want them to feel as comfortable as possible. Ensure your bathroom is as welcoming as you are by updating its vanity. The following are three tips for redesigning bathroom vanities in Brookfield, WI, to impress your guests.

Consider the Lighting Design

Choosing the right lighting for your vanity will make a big difference in your visitor’s bathroom experience. When they wash up or fix their makeup, they will experience being able to see themselves better in soft but brilliant lighting.

Ensure There is Plenty of Space

Bathroom vanities are where people tend to organize their toiletries. You don’t want your guests to feel like they are creating a mess, so ensure they have plenty of space on the counter for their items. Likewise, adding more storage space and keeping it stocked with essentials like extra toilet paper, towels, and feminine hygiene products will help your visitors feel more at home.

Remember That Looks Matter

A bathroom vanity should fulfill two purposes: create a more convenient bathroom experience and look great while doing it. By updating your old, worn vanity with a newer, more beautiful style, you can create a gorgeous space where your guests can take refuge and leave feeling refreshed.

Redesign Your Hotel Bathrooms Before the Holiday Rush

Update Your Hotel Bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI

One of the key factors for impressing hotel guests is a clean and beautiful bathroom. While it is easy to overlook this amenity, travelers expect it to match or exceed the level of comfort they enjoy in their own homes. Here are just a few reasons why business owners should consider redesigning their hotel bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI, before the holiday travel season kicks off.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Fancy bathroom features are far from frivolous—they can create a memorable experience and make your guests more likely to recommend your hotel to other travelers. Consider incorporating features like heated toilet seats and towel racks, directional water jets, and shower water massage functions into your bathrooms. Your guests are unlikely to have these amenities in their homes, so they will provide a delightful experience during their stay and a topic of conversation during holiday parties.

Creating Life-Long Customers

Your holiday-season guests are more likely to return to the area than those vacationing at other times of the year. That makes it all the more important to convert them into returning customers. Beautiful and convenient hotel bathrooms go a long way towards making that happen. Redesign your bathroom this fall with attractive features like natural materials, shower benches, balanced lighting, oversized rainfall-style showerheads, and more.

Becoming More Sustainable

When business is booming, your water and energy bills likely boom too. By updating your hotel bathrooms with features that converse water and energy, you can not only reduce your utility costs but also reduce your environmental impact. Today’s customers are more eco-conscious than ever, so your new green bathrooms will become an effective selling point.

Updating Your Home with Custom Cabinets Before the Holidays

Update Your Home for the Holidays with Custom Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

Make sure your home is ready to impress guests this holiday season with new kitchen cabinetry. For homeowners in Milwaukee, WI, custom cabinets are the perfect fall remodeling project. Not only will new cabinets make your kitchen look more appealing, but also, they will be a big help when you are serving and cooking for your friends and family. The following are some factors to consider when upgrading with custom cabinets.

Picture-Perfect Appearance

Eating good food and spending time together are big parts of what make the holiday season special. That means you and your guests will likely spend a lot of time congregating in the kitchen. With new custom cabinets in place, you’ll be delighted to show off your home—and those memories in the kitchen will look even better in photos years later.

Cooking and Serving Efficiency

By choosing custom cabinets, you have the opportunity to optimize your kitchen’s storage spaces. No more juggling pots and pans when you are trying to extract the Dutch oven from the back of a cupboard. No more straining on your tiptoes to pull the good plates down from a high shelf. Everything will have its place so that cooking and serving goes more smoothly.

Visitor-Friendly Organization

You want your guests to feel at home while they are visiting you. Custom cabinets can help. With a clean layout and organizational features like pull-out drawers, your guests will be able to easily locate any glasses or silverware they need while staying with you.