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Reasons to Choose Custom Cabinets Over Semi-Custom

Create Completely Custom Cabinets for Your Home

Creating a design and choosing your new kitchen cabinets are exciting prospects, but custom is king when it comes to design. Although you can select and order semi-custom cabinets online, they are mass-produced to fit just about anywhere. Custom cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, take time, skill, and a practiced hand to ensure they look good, fit your space perfectly, and last for years.

Explore Your Options

Custom cabinet companies offer endless options for design and installation. Every part is tailored to your space, from the color to the fit. You can account for every inch, adjust as necessary, and change the layout of your existing kitchen when you choose a custom company.

Material Considerations

When the material for your cabinets is hand-chosen, you know the installation will last. Your custom cabinets are made to measure, from the base boxes to the cabinet fronts, right down to selecting the wood grain.

Accessorize Your Space

The small things do matter when it comes to cabinet design. Semi-custom cabinets come with pre-selected hardware, often made with low-quality parts. Your custom installation will include top-quality accessories that will last through the years.

Property Value

Listing your home with custom cabinets as one of the features is sure to catch the eye of potential buyers. When someone knows you invested in custom work, they feel confident in your home’s quality, craftsmanship, and longevity.

Reasons to Install Floating Bathroom Vanities in Brookfield, WI

Floating Bathroom Vanities in Brookfield, WI

Dated cabinets are usually the first thing to go when selling a house or moving into one. If you are tired of standard designs and desire something different, cabinet supply companies have new options. Floating bathroom vanities give Brookfield, WI, homeowners an innovative choice when they want to update their space.

The reasons you might choose this design include:

More Legroom

Cabinets that go to the floor define the space more, and in smaller rooms, that can be a problem. A floating bathroom vanity can improve flow and accessibility with a simple installation.

Always Chic

Bathroom vanities are necessary, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. While a floating vanity may seem ultra-modern, there are styles on the market that draw inspiration from retro, vintage, and farmhouse designs.

Open Up the Space

Brighten up a small dark space with a floating bathroom vanity. When you take out the bulk of the base cabinets, you create breathing room. Introduce the illusion of more space with a floating design that complements your esthetic.

Explore your options and consider the value of a floating vanity for your renovation project. You won’t regret adding a trendy new design to your home.

Why You May Love Open Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

Enjoy Open Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

While some people are happy to hide their dishes and dry goods behind closed doors, others want them accessible and on display. If your preference is to show off your cups and pantry items, open kitchen cabinets might be the answer. While the most common choice of kitchen cabinets for Milwaukee, WI, homes are solid fronts, open shelves are gaining popularity in renovations and new construction.

Wide Open Spaces

Open concept isn’t just for rooms anymore. Open kitchen cabinets are a popular choice to create the illusion of more room in a smaller space.

Keeping it Clean

It is a lot easier to motivate yourself to maintain cleanliness when you can see the items on the shelves. You will find yourself wanting to take a moment or two to straighten up the dishes and canisters because they are on display.

Beautiful By Design

If you have taken care to choose dinnerware that you adore, show them off with open kitchen cabinets. It will become part of the design esthetic of the room and beautify the space as functional art.

Although you are not using kitchen cabinet doors, you still have many options for materials and style. From live-edge wood to clean, crisp lines, you can choose a complementary design that brings out the best in your kitchen.