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Why Man-Made Stone is More Sustainable Than Engineered Stone

Slab of Man-Made Stone

It isn’t uncommon to hear the word “natural” and take it as a signal of wholesome superiority. However, that isn’t always the case. This is particularly true when you are talking about man-made stone in Milwaukee.

While beautiful, natural stone surfaces are non-renewable resources that form over vast amounts of time. Not only that, but they typically have to be harvested from specific quarries located across the world. That means getting a natural stone countertop is very energy intensive.

Man-made stone, such as quartz surfaces, are composed of large amounts of silica sand with binding resins and polymers. Pigments are then added to customize the look before everything is heated at high temperatures to create impressive-looking quartz slabs. Silica sand—the main ingredient in creating quartz—is one of the most abundant minerals on earth. That means creating quartz surfaces is far less taxing on the planet.

While both options provide homeowners with plenty of benefits, it is vital to stop and consider which of them is most important to you. If you want something that looks beautiful and is much more sustainable, then you are going to want to choose a quartz surface instead of granite or marble.

How Marble Countertops Are Made

Slab of Man-Made Stone

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful marble countertops in Milwaukee, WI, came to be? Well, come and join us as we discuss the sequence of events that transforms natural stone from the quarry into beautiful marble surfaces you want to see in your home.

The first step in the process is for the large blocks of natural stone to be cut from the quarry. These blocks are then cut into thin pieces called slabs. The slabs are then shaped, polished, and shipped for installation. This age-old sequence hasn’t changed much throughout the centuries, but the actual fabrication process has, thanks to modern technology. Today, these steps are performed using state-of-the-art saws, polishers, and routers.

Saws – Saws perform several functions during fabrication. From cutting through the hard stone to create the slabs to the actual shaping of the stone slab to ensure it properly fits your home. These saws make it easy to cut and shape slabs, especially when combined with a CNC machine.

Polishers – Polishers are designed for grinding down the naturally rough surface of the marble to create whatever type of finish you are after. Marble, in particular, can be polished all the way to a mirror finish. Most modern polishers can provide a variety of finishes for homeowners—from smooth and soft to slick and shiny.

Routers – Routers create the edge profiles of the slab. They can also be used to cut designs into larger pieces, including fireplace mantles and hearths. Whether you are looking for something simple or highly decorative, it is the job of the routers to bring out that aesthetic you are after.

How Granite Countertops Got Popular in America

Kitchen with Granite Countertops

When most people are asked what type of countertops they want for their home, a substantial majority will respond with “granite.” But it hasn’t always been that way. Throughout the 1980s, granite was rarely found outside of expensive homes—and even then, marble ruled the roost.

So how did granite countertops in Milwaukee, WI, become the top choice over the next 30 years? There are a few different reasons, including:

Shipping Granite Got Easier – Thirty years ago, people typically bought their domestic granite from local suppliers. As global granite became more easily shippable, it suddenly became much more affordable for builders and consumers. By the mid-90s, it became possible for people to get granite from around the world.

Granite Became Easier to Cut – Granite is solid and durable—which is part of its charm. It was also part of the reason it was so hard to work with in the past. Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s computer-controlled saws are able to make the major cuts and holes needed to get a slab of granite ready to be installed.

These two significant changes made it much easier for regular homeowners to start exploring granite as an option for their homes. As soon as they began to see just how great of an option granite was, its popularity quickly grew.