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How to Make Your Kitchen Cabinets Feel Like Your Own

Man Installing Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinetry is a big part of your kitchen. Your cabinets are one of the room’s most visible features, plus you use them often. That is why it is important to love your cabinets and customize them to suit your preferences Here are some options to consider while customizing your kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI.


Like all kitchen features, cabinetry comes in a diverse array of styles. No matter what kind of interior design you prefer, there are cabinets to match it, from rustic, country-home designs to ultra-modern, sleek looks. Deciding on the overall style should be the first step for personalizing your kitchen cabinets.


How much wall space will your new cabinet be occupying? Do you want them to reach the ceiling or leave a gap at the top? How deep will they be, and do you have any special storage needs? You will need to answer these questions and more while ordering your custom cabinets. Be sure to have measurements done by a professional to ensure the end result fits your expectations.


You have endless choices for how your kitchen cabinets will be constructed. For the material, you could choose a solid wood like cherry, maple, or oak. You can also take advantage of modern plywood’s durability and affordability, or get the best of both worlds by using wood veneers. And these are just a few of your material options. Talk to a cabinet contractor to explore all the possibilities for your property.


The Best Places for Granite Countertops in Your Home

Kitchen With Granite Countertops

Granite is one of the most popular materials for countertops due to its durability, ease of cleaning, and wide range of styles. Its many benefits also make it suitable for multiple spaces throughout your home. The following are some of the most common locations for granite countertops in Milwaukee.

Kitchens: Most likely, the first place you think of for granite countertops is the kitchen. Since granite is so damage-resistant, people can chop their ingredients and set down hot pans on the surface without concern. Plus, granite comes in a variety of colors and patterns, so it is easy to find a countertop that matches any kitchen’s décor.

Bathrooms: The second place you will likely think of for granite countertops is the bathroom. Since granite is safe for wet spaces, it is a natural choice for the spot where you wash your hands and brush your teeth every day. Plus, it is a beautiful material that is sure to get compliments from your guests.

Laundry Room: Speaking of wet spaces, it is becoming more and more common to find granite countertops in laundry rooms. Granite makes a great surface for spot cleaning stains before your clothes go in the washer. You will also have a convenient area for folding laundry when it comes out of the dryer.

Craft Rooms: In recent years, more homeowners have transformed bedrooms and garages into craft rooms for sewing projects and more. Granite countertops are great for these spaces too since they are easy to keep clean and offer a flat, strong surface on which to work.

Installing White Bathroom Vanities in Your Home

A White Bathroom Vanity

Design trends change constantly, but white has always remained a popular choice for bathrooms. It is bright, projects a sense of cleanliness, and goes well with both modern and traditional styles. As you explore bathroom vanities in Brookfield, WI, for your renovation, you may wonder whether white is the right choice for you. The following are some of the reasons why we recommend white for vanities and other bathroom features.

It Is Great for Lighting

Since bathrooms tend to be smaller, enclosed spaces, it ss important to have good lighting. Illumination is especially important if you tend to do a lot of detailed work with your mirror, such as applying makeup or shaving close to the skin. Since white surfaces reflect light, they will boost your illumination for a brighter, more beautiful bathroom.

It Looks Cleans—and Helps with Cleanliness

People tend to perceive white rooms as cleaner and more hygienic—and there is some truth to it. When you have white bathroom vanities, any spots or spills are easy to spot. You can clean with complete confidence that you aren’t missing a thing.

It Suits a Wide Range of Styles

While white is often associated with modernism, it pairs well with a wide range of interior design styles. No matter what kind of décor you prefer, there is a white bathroom vanity that will fit in perfectly; feel free to ask our staff for recommendations.