A Variety of Bathroom Vanities

There are many different types of bathroom vanities in Brookfield, WI, and it can sometimes be hard to figure out which type is the right one for your home. That is why we have put together this helpful primer for homeowners that want to learn more about the different options available to them. Here are six bathroom vanities people look for when they want to upgrade their space:

Pedestal Sink – Also known as a free-standing sink, this is a vanity option that makes up for its lack of storage with its abundance of class.

Free-Standing Vanity – Like a pedestal sink, the free-standing vanity offers a square or rectangular look that supports one or two sinks in a spot.

Wall-Mounted/Floating – A wall-mounted vanity is attached directly onto the walled surface of your bathroom. This is a vanity that doesn’t take up a lot of space, which means you can enjoy more room around your bathroom—particularly on the floor.

Vessel – A vessel vanity is usually found in fancy restaurants and hotel lobbies. It uses a rising bowl around the sink area that protrudes from the main body. It also features storage spots on the bottom. It is an attractive option, but only if you have the space for it.

Under-Mounted Sink – This is a type of vanity that has a basin built directly inside of it. This creates a refined, modern look with an overall flatter appearance. While it doesn’t have as much storage space as some of the other choices, it does offer a refined design that will look amazing in your room.

Vanity Cabinet – This option is similar to what you might find on a more traditional kitchen cabinet. Think of it as an attractive design that provides a pleasant tone while offering plenty of storage space with a series of pull-out drawers.