Benefits of Marble Countertops

When you are looking to buck tradition when it comes to the surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom, it is time to consider marble countertops in Milwaukee, WI. This natural stone has a lot to offer homeowners, with its subtle beauty and timeless elegance. Here are six reasons you should consider marble countertops for your home:

Great for Baking – Marble stays cool naturally and will always remain below room temperature. That makes them the perfect working surface for working with dough, pastries, chocolate, and even ice cream.

Easy to Cut & Shape – Marble is a softer stone, making it much easier to customize. That means you will find a wide assortment of edge profiles that will fit the look you want for your space without the price tag of harder-to-shape stones.

Durability – Marble might be softer than granite, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly strong. Many of the world’s oldest and most recognizable landmarks are made from marble, which is a testament to how strong it is and how it naturally resists cracking and scratching.

Timeless Elegance – Marble comes in many different colors—white, green, black, yellow, gray, and rose—and they have all been prized for their warmth and beauty. This is a surface material that has proven itself in the galleries of the world’s most famous art museums, and it can deliver that same level of elegance to your home.

Heat Resistant – As mentioned above, marble stays cool. This is a surface that will not burn, melt, or catch fire. Though it is always a good idea to use a trivet to help protect your finish.

Brightness – Marble is known to give off its own natural glow that reflects light in a room. That makes it an excellent option for rooms that may not have as much natural light as you would like. Also, this natural glow will help make the space appear larger and brighter.