Benefits of Soft-Close Custom Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

If you’re someone who finds slammed cabinets and drawers cringe-worthy, then soft-close hardware is for you. Instead of sliding shut with a jolt, soft-close drawers put the brakes on the sudden stop and gently ease the drawer closed.

Soft-close mechanisms are typically found on custom cabinets. In Milwaukee, WI, you can benefit from beautiful designs that have this feature integrated into your cabinet design. Homeowners who want to upgrade existing cabinets can also purchase after-market soft-close hardware.

Soft-close cabinets offer several benefits to homeowners:

Prevent Accidents

Everyone has slammed their fingers in a door or drawer at one time or another. Say goodbye to bruises when you have soft-close mechanisms installed in your custom cabinets.

Silent Operation

When upgrading to soft-close drawers, you never have to worry about crashing a drawer shut or reminding your kids to stop slamming the doors.

Everything in Its Place

Every time you close standard drawers, the contents shift slightly. With soft-close hardware, you never have to go hunting for a utensil that’s gone astray in the dark depths.

When speaking to your custom cabinet designer, ask about soft-close mechanisms that will add a unique and practical component to your everyday life. No one ever regretted an upgrade that made their life easier.