Benefits of Stone Fireplace Surrounds for Milwaukee Homes

Stone is among the most popular options for fireplace surrounds in Milwaukee homes. Homeowners cite the following reasons and more for why they appreciate stone surrounds:

Visual Appeal

The natural beauty of stone makes it a popular choice when renovating living rooms and building new homes. Often, a stone fireplace surround becomes the focal point of the living room’s design and a conversation piece for every party to come. Plus, stone complements a wide range of design styles, from traditional and rustic looks to more contemporary aesthetics.

Property Value

Since stone surrounds are popular and long-lasting, adding one to your home may increase your property value. Even if you do not plan to sell in the near future, natural stone is likely to look like new even years later, so it will attract appreciative eyes from potential buyers.

Heat Retention

Stone fireplace surrounds act as a “heat sink,” absorbing heat from the fire and radiating heat back into the room even after the flames go out. When you want to enjoy the warmth of your fireplace longer, stone is the natural choice.

Design Cohesion

Since stone features are often found in many other spaces inside and outside of the home, it is easy to create a cohesive design throughout your property by choosing a stone surround. Even if you do not use the same type of stone material, it will match well with a variety of styles.