Redesign Your Hotel Bathrooms Before the Holiday Rush

Update Your Hotel Bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI

One of the key factors for impressing hotel guests is a clean and beautiful bathroom. While it is easy to overlook this amenity, travelers expect it to match or exceed the level of comfort they enjoy in their own homes. Here are just a few reasons why business owners should consider redesigning their hotel bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI, before the holiday travel season kicks off.

Gaining a Competitive Edge

Fancy bathroom features are far from frivolous—they can create a memorable experience and make your guests more likely to recommend your hotel to other travelers. Consider incorporating features like heated toilet seats and towel racks, directional water jets, and shower water massage functions into your bathrooms. Your guests are unlikely to have these amenities in their homes, so they will provide a delightful experience during their stay and a topic of conversation during holiday parties.

Creating Life-Long Customers

Your holiday-season guests are more likely to return to the area than those vacationing at other times of the year. That makes it all the more important to convert them into returning customers. Beautiful and convenient hotel bathrooms go a long way towards making that happen. Redesign your bathroom this fall with attractive features like natural materials, shower benches, balanced lighting, oversized rainfall-style showerheads, and more.

Becoming More Sustainable

When business is booming, your water and energy bills likely boom too. By updating your hotel bathrooms with features that converse water and energy, you can not only reduce your utility costs but also reduce your environmental impact. Today’s customers are more eco-conscious than ever, so your new green bathrooms will become an effective selling point.

Updating Your Home with Custom Cabinets Before the Holidays

Update Your Home for the Holidays with Custom Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

Make sure your home is ready to impress guests this holiday season with new kitchen cabinetry. For homeowners in Milwaukee, WI, custom cabinets are the perfect fall remodeling project. Not only will new cabinets make your kitchen look more appealing, but also, they will be a big help when you are serving and cooking for your friends and family. The following are some factors to consider when upgrading with custom cabinets.

Picture-Perfect Appearance

Eating good food and spending time together are big parts of what make the holiday season special. That means you and your guests will likely spend a lot of time congregating in the kitchen. With new custom cabinets in place, you’ll be delighted to show off your home—and those memories in the kitchen will look even better in photos years later.

Cooking and Serving Efficiency

By choosing custom cabinets, you have the opportunity to optimize your kitchen’s storage spaces. No more juggling pots and pans when you are trying to extract the Dutch oven from the back of a cupboard. No more straining on your tiptoes to pull the good plates down from a high shelf. Everything will have its place so that cooking and serving goes more smoothly.

Visitor-Friendly Organization

You want your guests to feel at home while they are visiting you. Custom cabinets can help. With a clean layout and organizational features like pull-out drawers, your guests will be able to easily locate any glasses or silverware they need while staying with you.

Benefits of Stone for Fireplace Surroundings

Lovely Fireplace Surrounds in Milwaukee

Fireplaces aren’t exactly subtle. When you walk into a room that has one—you’re going to notice it. Since—big or small—a fireplace is going to command attention, it is essential that when people notice it, they see something visually pleasing.

Many different types of materials can be used to create fireplace surrounds in Milwaukee, but nothing quite beats natural stone. Stone it is a material that delivers its own timeless appeal. Some of the most immediate benefits that you’ll notice from having stone installed around your fireplace include:

Creating Inviting Appeal – Stone fireplaces project a cozy and warm atmosphere that will give your space a distinct look. Even better, natural stone can retain heat from your fire, which helps to keep your area feeling more comfortable for longer.

Customization Opportunities – Stone is very customizable, which means you can choose from various patterns and colors. This helps you better match your current décor so that your fireplace upgrades work with your style instead of against it.

Durability – Stone is a sturdy construction material. That means, with the proper care, your stone fireplace is likely to outlast the rest of your home. Even better, it requires minimal repair throughout the years—just have it cleaned on a regular basis.

Design Consistency – When you have stone countertops or backsplashes, then using stone around your fireplace will help tie the overall look of your home together.

Increasing Your Home Value – Most home buyers appreciate design elements that deliver unique and elegant appeal—and that is just what a stone fireplace will do. The more buyers are interested in your property, the more you can potentially sell it for if you ever decide to move.

Enjoy More Storage Space with Bathroom Vanities

Beautiful Bathroom Vanities in Brookfield, WI

When you are looking to add a lot more space to your bathroom, it is time to start exploring modern bathroom vanities in Brookfield, WI. These contemporary vanity styles are all about simplicity, streamlined efficiency, and utility. That means, even if you have a small bathroom, a modern vanity can help you revolutionize the space to give you more storage where you would never have thought possible before.

Most modern bathroom vanities tend to divide up the traditional large, single cabinet into a full extension of drawers. These smaller drawers are much better suited for storing the types of things you typically keep in your bathroom. It also makes it much easier to access your belongings when you don’t have to search through one large cabinet to find something simple and small—such as clippers or tweezers.

Depending on your available space, these vanities can be built into the wall, wall-mounted, or floor-mounted. Each style will help you create additional storage space in a unique way that best fits your specific bathroom. If you are not sure what option will work best for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to a craftsman to discuss what you want for your space.

Limitless Design Options with Custom Kitchen Cabinets

An Arrangement of Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

When you imagine your dream kitchen, it probably doesn’t include generic cabinets. Thankfully, there are craftsmen that are ready to create custom kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, designed to match each homeowner’s unique style and needs perfectly.

These custom cabinets are more than just simple boxes in which to place bowls, plates, or dry food. They are pieces of art featuring unique designs, high-quality materials, and astounding finishes that help to define the space and the homeowner themselves. These are cabinets that transcend being storage spaces and become focal points that you will want to show off to everyone who visits.

Your imagination is typically the only limit when it comes to creating these custom kitchen cabinets. The best woodworkers will consult with you about what type of style you are looking for—from the warmth of a rustic Mediterranean kitchen to the clean lines of a minimalist, modern design.

Looks aren’t everything, though. Custom cabinetry also comes with many functional benefits that you won’t find with prefabricated styles. When you need unique designs that are easier for people with disabilities to use, a custom cabinet can do that. No matter what type of customization you require, a craftsman can deliver it to you when you choose custom cabinets.

When it is Time to Replace Your Bathroom Vanity

modern bathroom vanityYou spend a good deal of time every day in front of your bathroom vanity. It’s here that you groom yourself for the day ahead and wash up in preparation for a good night’s sleep. So, it matters that this piece of furniture looks good and functions well for you. However, compared to other bathroom vanities in Milwaukee, you may notice yours is lacking. Perhaps, the problem is:

Storage space – A necessity in every bathroom is plenty of room for grooming products, paper products, linens, and more. You may want to upgrade to add more storage.

Age – Your vanity may be old. It’s outdated in style. And it’s not holding up well to wear and tear.

Mold – This is a sign that water is leaking from the faucet and/or pipes. If not addressed, it can irritate allergies and asthma.

Plumbing problems – The faucet may leak or the pipes back up. Either way, this is an annoying problem and a sign your vanity may need replacement.

Sprucing up your house before you sell it – Installing bathroom vanities in Milwaukee

improves the appearance and functionality of this space. The bonus comes with making this room and your entire house more appealing to prospective buyers.

Quartz Countertops for Beauty, Efficiency, & Value

quartz countertopsYou have an important decision ahead of you, one that will impact your kitchen for years to come. The decision is about choosing the type of material for your countertops. This matters as you want your counters to look stunning and work efficiently at a cost-effective price. We have a recommendation for you, based on our years of experience in the business. We recommend quartz countertops in Brookfield, WI.

Detailing the Benefits of Quartz

Quartz offers homeowners the best of both worlds. It’s a natural stone, so you know it’s durable and long lasting. Plus, as an engineered surface, it’s made to meet all the demands you have for your kitchen countertop.

By adding resin binders and color pigments, manufacturers make quartz the ideal surface. The resin fills in the natural holes in the stone, so you have a smooth, solid surface — no holes or cracks to catch small bits of food or hide bacteria.

To add to the benefits, you have the beauty of the natural stone. Clever design with the pigments enhances quartz, defining the patterns and deepening the colors. This makes quartz countertops in Brookfield, WI, more striking than ever. And an additional benefit is that manufactured quartz counters cost less than marble, granite, or slate.

Space-Saving Kitchen Cabinet Ideas

kitchen cabinetsLarge or small, your kitchen is a space that demands a great deal of storage. You have so many items that are essential to have on hand for meals and cooking. These days, you’ll find new kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, are more than up to the task. The latest designs are so efficient, providing the right place to put every item. And having a space for every item means it is easy to stay organized.

Today’s cabinet makers design a cupboard to meet your needs. So, you’ll find drawers that pull out and away, cupboards crafted to hold specific items, and cabinets that are easy on your back and knees.

Cabinets Made to Meet Specific Storage Needs

Instead of having an ample, wide-open space to store kitchen items, opt for one that is made for your convenience. Think of opening up a lower-level cabinet to find two drawers that slide in and out. This is perfect for pots and pans on the bottom and lids on the top.

For those blind cabinets in the corners, we recommend shelves that roll out for easy access — no more climbing into the cupboard to find the items you need.

Another welcome idea is adding an organizer for your utensils. Often, big spoons and other cutlery items get dumped in a drawer that you have to dig through. With a slender, slide-out drawer, your utensils hang in an organized fashion that makes cooking a joy.

Look for new kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, made for the efficient use of space.

How to Choose the Right Cabinets for Your Office Kitchen

contractor installing kitchen cabinetsInstalling or replacing office kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI? Make sure you get the best value for your money. There are plenty of factors to consider when you shop, but a few stand out as key to your project’s success. Let’s take a look at some top tips from the professionals at House of Stone, Inc.

See Storage as an Investment – You probably understand the value of having a nice workspace, but the details you select for your kitchen cabinets might have more of an impact than you realize! From space for utensils to easy prep for office events, it’s important to consider just how much you might use your new features.

Plan Ahead – With future needs in mind, think about how much space you need for storage. You might be a startup or a massive organization today, but office improvements should help you stay ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Work with key employees and design professionals to select options that leave room for growth.

Bring the Brand In – Like any workspace, your kitchen should help project your brand identity and connect your team to your organization. Explore showrooms for options that fit your business, keep the area lively and inviting, and remain appropriate for professional occasions.

Trust the Experts – Before you settle on any selection, get insight from experienced contractors who can translate your needs into the perfect products.

Pros and Cons of Various Cabinet Materials

modern kitchen with white cabinetsWhen you want the best value for your space, it’s never a bad idea to invest in custom cabinets in Milwaukee, WI. But with so many options on the market, you want to know which materials work best for your needs. To lend a hand, we’ve covered the pros and cons of a few popular options:

Melamine – Made of pressed wood, these cabinets offer premium affordability, easy upkeep, and a wide variety of color choices. However, they aren’t as durable as some alternatives and don’t come in many shapes, limiting some design freedom.

Solid Wood – A true classic, wood cabinets are often a first choice thanks to their long-term value, timeless appeal, and customizability. When it comes to upkeep, though, they can be a little labor-intensive, requiring re-staining and careful cleaning over the years.

Laminate – Sleek and impact-resistant, laminate cabinets are popular in many modern kitchens. They tend to show wear, however, and are difficult to repaint or alter after installation.

Of course, these are only a few options on the market. The best way to get the full picture is to work with an experienced supplier for your project. Experts can speak to your specific needs and help you browse examples of the vast variety that comes with custom cabinets.