Durable & Timeless Countertops For Hotel Bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI

Stone Shower Walls in Milwaukee, WIProvide guests the luxurious accommodations they expect with the crisp, clean lines of beautiful hotel bathroom countertops. When visitors arrive, they expect the rooms to be pristine. That task is made simple with high-quality surfaces that are durable, easy to clean, and timeless. You need a trusted name in the industry to install countertops in your hotel bathrooms. Milwaukee, WI, is the home of one of the leading countertop suppliers in the state. Whether choosing natural stone or fabricated surfaces, your hotel bathroom deserves experienced professionals for the installation.

No one likes a damaged surface in their hotel room. When choosing the right countertop for your bathrooms, you need to consider its repeated daily use. Your guests pack a variety of supplies for their travel, and the bathroom surface needs to be capable of withstanding items being dropped, sprayed, and spilled on it. From hairspray to make-up and toothpaste to soap, the bathroom in a hotel sees a wide range of products. To ensure the surface doesn’t need to be replaced prematurely, plan to install a high-quality hotel bathroom countertop that will stand up to years of use. Your guests will thank you for providing premium quality accommodations for their stay.

The Eternal Charm Of Soapstone Countertops in Milwaukee, WI

When your design calls for a timeless look with a soft, rustic feel, soapstone is the surface of choice. The smooth texture and milky appearance lend your room a luxurious depth that granite and slate cannot match. Give your kitchen or bathroom a charming appeal that will last through the decades with soapstone countertops in Milwaukee, WI. People choose soapstone for its design versatility; it can be applied to a variety of styles, from elegant kitchens to chic country cottages. Its simplicity and warmth make it a leading choice for designers with discerning taste.

Your soapstone countertop will be a durable surface that can stand the test of time. Unlike granite, soapstone is more pliable, and that flexibility means there is less chance of breakage or cracking under stress. It also requires less maintenance and only needs periodic oiling to enhance its appearance. Over time, soapstone countertops will develop a natural patina that only adds to its charm. This easy-to-clean surface means spills and mess are no problem.

Give your home a stunning natural stone surface that will add a touch of elegance with inviting softness and charm. Your soapstone countertop will provide years of practical use while adding enduring beauty to your home.

The Appeal of Quartz Countertops

Before you start renovations for your new kitchen, like pulling out your cabinets, take a moment to think about your budget and lifestyle. It may be smarter for you to upgrade your kitchen one piece at a time, such as installing new quartz countertops in Milwaukee, WI, rather than committing to a huge renovation project.

The first thing you need to consider is the layout of your kitchen, and then the next step is your kitchen counters. When it comes to your kitchen countertops, there are many options, from granite to marble, but quartz countertops have many benefits you may want to consider.

Resale Value and Quartz

It is always clever to keep the resale value of your home in mind when you’re upgrading your kitchen. Quartz countertops are very appealing to potential buyers. This is because quartz can provide the beauty and durability of more expensive materials but at a lower price point.

Versatility of Quartz

Quartz countertops are engineered in a factory; this means you can find them in a wide range of colors. Quartz countertops consist of around 94% natural quartz, and 6% is typically a mixture of polyester resins. There are also quartz kitchen counters that include recycled glass, which gives the counters a unique look.


One of the essential features of quartz is its antimicrobial properties. This antimicrobial surface helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mildew, and mold. Additionally, it’s a fact that quartz is easier to clean than natural stone surfaces.

Designing Countertops

Your countertop is the most practical component of your kitchen. More importantly, the countertop is the central piece of kitchen décor when doing a kitchen renovation. It sets the tone and feel for the space. Because of its importance in kitchen décor, it matters what material, finish, and design you choose for your countertop. Here are some of the current top trends for countertops in Mequon, WI.

Quartz is Here to Stay

Quartz countertops were introduced as a high-end alternative to granite, which had dominated the market for years. Unlike granite, which is porous and needs sealing, quartz, is non-porous and does not require regular re-sealing. It is highly resistant to staining and is one of the most hygienic countertop options for homeowners. Additionally, quartz is extremely strong and durable and comes in many colors, patterns, and finishes.

Honed vs. Polished

Even though polished countertops are still the most popular, there are advantages to a honed finish. A honed finish means a matte finish with little to no shine.  The overall look and feel can vary depending on the stone type, but it will have a low sheen and a smooth surface.  Honed finishes work well with marble since it readily conceals any flaws or scratch marks.

Veining and Patterns

Recently, homeowners are looking for a bit more character in their countertops, and advances in technology have meant that countertops now come in a wide variety of patterns.  Gone are the round particulates of countertops from the past. Say hello to realistic veining.

Composite materials like quartz are designed to resemble slabs of natural stone, like granite and marble. This means creating veins in interesting patterns swirled into the countertop slabs. This creative boost will give in your kitchen countertops the wow factor.

Unexpected Neutral Tones and Trends

A move toward soft neutral tones is a preferred theme in recent décor trends. The bright, bold hues of mid-century styles are gradually losing popularity in the kitchen in favor of more relaxed tones. Instead of a jet black or blue countertop, you are more likely to find soft beige, grey, and white on white tones in the kitchen. There is more focus on highlighting captivating individual components using neutral backgrounds.

Choosing New Countertops

Whether you’re planning on moving to a new home and want the best price for your house or you’re planning a renovation, it’s essential to know when it’s time to replace your countertops. The kitchen is truly the heart of the home; its where family and friends congregate and where most of the cooking magic happens. Your counter will receive many scuffs, scratches, dents, and maybe cracks over the years. Choosing new countertops in Milwaukee, WI is an upgrade that is well worth the investment.

Here are a few signs to help you discern whether it’s time for a countertop upgrade:

  1. Countertops Are Cracked or Eroding
  2. Countertops Have Stains or Burn Marks You Can’t Remove
  3. You’re Selling Your Home and Want to Increase Home Value
  4. Your Countertops Look Outdated
  5. They Have Smoke or Structural Damage
  6. You’re Adding On to Your Kitchen
  7. You Need to Accommodate a Family Member

The most common deciding factor for new countertops is the prominence of damage done to the counters over time, which is the sign of a well-used kitchen. Additionally, giving it a face-lift will undoubtedly heighten your home’s property value. The kitchen is what most people look for when choosing a new home, therefore investing in new, modern countertops will be beneficial to you. It’s time to get creative and add a touch of trendiness to your house. Contact us today for more information on natural stone options for your new countertops.

The Beauty of Marble Showers

Marble has a timeless, classic appeal that truly elevates any space with its air of luxury and natural elegance. The beauty of marble lies not only in its aesthetic appeal, but in the sturdiness of the material itself. It’s no wonder homeowners have readily chosen to incorporate it into their kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Implementing this stone into showers is a trend that will never get old. Marble showers in Milwaukee, WI, and beyond are often tiled with the pale white variation of this stone. Touted for its pale shade, it goes with almost any home style.

The versatility of every piece of marble can be found in its spectrum of shades, the veining, and inclusions. Veining describes the grey streaks that cause the “marbling” effect. On the other hand, inclusions refer to the tiny hints of colored streaks derived from embedded minerals within the marble. It’s hard to believe that this is a natural stone considering all these lovely components. Installing it for a marble shower will give you a resilient, polished, luxurious bathroom.

Marble was often used in the past as a stately show of wealth, but now we can incorporate it into most places in our homes. A marble shower, bathroom, or any other marbleized space will elevate the look of the room and increase the property value of your home. So contact us today and choose marble for a natural, aesthetic upgrade.

Finding the Right Retail Store Cabinets

For many businesses, storage is a key component of serving customers. You need space to keep inventory, equipment, and important documents. That’s why it’s important to have the right retail store cabinets in Milwaukee. But how do you pick between all the options available from various manufacturers? Take a look at our tips on finding a picture-perfect match for your business’s needs.

Be Picky — The first and most important thing to remember is never to settle. It’s your business on the line, after all, and every wise entrepreneur knows that it’s vital to make the most of every investment. Take your time and shop around until you’re entirely confident in the cabinets you pick.

Consider Other Features — From countertops to decorative architecture, you have an aesthetic to keep up. Maintaining a cohesive space when you choose retail store cabinets helps you come off as professional and gives your customers a positive impression that makes them more likely to return.

Know Your Provider — Cabinets are only as good as the people who put them together. Shop with a proven company that offers the selection, service, and consistent results you need to feel great about your purchase.


Benefits of Engineered Stone

When you’re ready to install new countertops, the material, you choose matters. There are tons of options out there, and each one has its own unique advantages. One of the most popular, though, is engineered stone in Milwaukee. While these surfaces look a lot like natural granite, they’re actually made up of quartz crystals held together with resin. This gives them some unique benefits that deliver a lot of value for your money. Let’s take a look at a few that stand out:

Beauty — Much like natural stone, the engineered countertops you’ll find in stores are stunning to look at. Each one is unique, with color veins coursing through glossy rock and providing the perfect centerpiece for your home’s décor.

Ease — When the time comes to clean your new countertops, it rarely takes more than a wet wipe to clear most messes from engineered stone. That means less hassle in your daily life, and a surface that doesn’t wear or stain easily.

Selection — One advantage that manmade stone counters have over their natural cousins comes in the selection you’ll see on shelves. Since granite, marble, and other stone can be difficult to source, it’s not always easy to find the exact color you want. Engineered surfaces are manufactured in countless shades, meaning more options and often a closer match to your vision.

Benefits of Choosing Stone Fabricators in Milwaukee

Stone Fabricators in MilwaukeeStone fabrication is a complex process that requires skilled craftsmanship. Choosing the best stone fabricator when installing new countertops or other stone fabrication work can seem a daunting task. When you are embarking on home renovations as expensive and important these, it is essential to do your due diligence in hiring stone fabricators in Milwaukee, but your effort will pay off.

Services Provided By Stone Fabricators

Stone fabricators that work on custom residential projects tend to focus on the details that make your countertop or project unique.  A company’s list of previous clients will serve as an indicator of the quality of service they provide. This information will give you a sense of the quality of the company that you are going to work with and workmanship you can expect.

It’s Not All About The Price

When you are choosing a stone fabricator, it isn’t always the best idea to pick one based on price. Stone fabrication is a complex and intricate process.  You don’t want a business that cuts corners. You should also beware of providers who promise unrealistic prices. They may not be able to deliver the finished product that you desire. Affordability is important, but beautiful, timeless work is paramount.



The Beauty of Stone Shower Walls

Stone Shower Walls in MilwaukeeNatural stone is an excellent material to use in the bathroom due to its durability and ability to add immediate visual impact, transforming what once was a utilitarian space into a space of beauty. Stone has long been used for kitchen countertops; however, more homeowners are using the natural stone for stone shower walls in Milwaukee, or even to finish entire bathrooms.

Natural stone is a fantastic material for the shower if you opt for the right type of stone and if it is installed correctly. Here are some considerations when using natural stone in the shower.


Marble is a popular choice for stone shower walls due to its light coloring.  If you’re using marble in your shower, you’ll want to choose the highest grade possible for minimal inclusions and veining. To avoid discoloration over time, you’ll need to ensure it is properly sealed and cleaned.


Granite can be a highly durable and dense material that offers an endless variety of custom possibilities. Granite stone is easier to maintain than some natural stones as it won’t react to acid, ammonia, or alcohol. You will need to seal the stone to protect its natural beauty and ensure its performance as stone shower walls.


Slate and split-stone are also common natural stones in the shower as they are available in a range of color tones and sizes.  They are also considered a cost-effective option. It’s essential to look at the quality. Some types are known to flake or deteriorate in wet environments over time. Like granite, you’ll also need to ensure it has a non-slip finish and is properly sealed for longevity.