The Importance of Cleaning & Maintaining Your Marble Showers in Milwaukee

Cleaning Marble Showers in Milwaukee

Marble never goes out of style, and for good reasons. It’s beautiful, durable, and lasts forever, making it ideal for areas that see high traffic or consistent use. While marble showers provide Milwaukee homeowners with the classic beauty of ageless stone, maintaining the surface is vital.

Shower Stains

If you have a marble shower, you know that it can stain. The stone’s porous nature means it will absorb water and almost anything else, like minerals, iron, mold, soap, and etch marks. Waiting too long to clean or treat your shower tiles can result in permanent stains, so staying ahead of maintenance will benefit you in the long run.

Marble Sealant

Since marble is porous, sealing it will help prevent damage. You should complete this process regularly because the seal eventually breaks down, and you’ll end up with stains that can be stubborn to remove.

Marble Stain Removers

There are several ways to clean the stains from your marble shower. Some tried-and-true methods include:

  • Commercial Marble Poultices
  • DIY Marble Poultices
  • Soap Scum Removers
  • Professional Mold & Stain Removers
  • Etch Removers
  • DIY Bleach Solutions

Depending on the type of stain and how long it’s been there, you may need to try more than one method. Elbow grease and patience are critical in the process, but the results are worth it.

Why You Should Try Black Granite Counters in Mequon

Kitchen With Black Granite Counters in Mequon

When you want to make a statement in your kitchen or bathroom, consider going dark. Dramatic black granite counters give Mequon homes an incredible upgrade while also providing years of durability as a work surface. Granite leads the way as a counter material for several reasons, including:

  • Doesn’t Damage Easily
  • Simple to Maintain
  • Countless Colors & Patterns
  • Lasts Forever
  • Instant Upgrade

Why Choose Black?

Dark colors add weight to a room, and when you offset light tones with a black granite counter, you heighten the design esthetic. Black can accentuate other colors, increase contrast, and add a wow factor nothing else can match.

Balancing Black

Keep in mind that you can have too much of a good thing. Black surfaces can pull the light out of the room, so finding a balance is critical. If you choose black granite counters, then the floors, walls, and cabinets should be at the lighter end of the spectrum. Doing so will also increase the dramatic effect you’re trying to achieve.


Caring for your black granite requires the same attention as any other granite. Mild soap and polish will help maintain that stunning obsidian surface so you can enjoy it for years to come.

Tips for Choosing Doors for Your Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

A Home With New Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

Your kitchen is the hub of the home. You likely want it to look great while also efficiently serving its function. Your kitchen designer will develop a practical layout for the doors and drawers and show you a selection of cabinet fronts in varying colors and styles. They’ll help you choose your kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, based on several factors:


Arguably the most important consideration is how much the cabinets will cost. Different styles, materials, and upgrades can add up quickly, so set a realistic budget and try to stick to it.


Ask yourself how much time you want to spend maintaining your kitchen cabinets. Fronts with lots of detailing catch more grease and grime. Hardwoods like oak and maple stand up to scratches better than painted doors. Satin finishes show fingerprints much more readily.


If you’ve been to your kitchen cabinet supplier, you’ve likely seen the wall of fronts they offer. It can be overwhelming to narrow down your choices; however, go with your instincts and choose what you like rather than what’s trendy. Some options include:

  • Shaker
  • Craftsman (Mission)
  • Flat-Front (Slab)
  • Beadboard
  • Handle-Free
  • Raised-Panel (Traditional)


Kitchen cabinets come in various materials, from solid hardwoods to veneers. Budget may limit your choices, but you’re sure to find something you love within your range.

How to Polish Your Mequon Home’s Granite Counters

A Home With Granite Counters

You’ve invested in your home by installing granite counters; now, you need to keep them looking great to maintain their beauty. Give your Mequon granite counters the special treatment with simple polishing tips from the experts:

  1. You’ll need warm water and mild soap to start. You can also buy special granite cleaner or mix a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol instead of soap and water.
  2. Clean the counter thoroughly, removing all the dirt and spills. Microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning granite because they don’t leave behind any lint.
  3. Dry the counter with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. A completely dry counter will prevent the polish from streaking.
  4. You can make polish using three parts baking soda and one part water. Mix a thick paste and ensure there are no lumps. You can also buy brand-name granite polish if you prefer.
  5. Rub a thin, even coat of baking soda paste over the granite counter. If you’re using the brand name polish, follow the directions.
  6. Buff the counter with a soft cloth using a circular motion until you have polished the whole surface.
  7. Wipe off the polish with a damp cloth, and wipe the surface dry.

You now have a beautifully polished granite counter to show off to family and friends!

Create a Rustic Look with Your Fireplace Surrounds in Milwaukee

Rustic Fireplace Surrounds in Milwaukee

Marrying rustic chic to contemporary design can give your space a modern warmth that will never go out of style. By using natural materials for fireplace surrounds, Milwaukee homeowners can enjoy the instant appeal of wood and stone.

Harmonizing Materials

The classic choices for a fireplace surround include wood and stone. When used as complementary materials, you can expect timeless beauty and exceptional results. Antique wood mantels and repurposed stone hearths are just the beginning of what you can do to create a fireplace that stands out as a feature in your home.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood that has history is popular because it reuses material from old structures and reduces the need to cut down existing trees. Hand-hewn beams make excellent mantels and offer a glimpse into the past while enhancing your home for the future.

Brick & Stone

While polished granite and bricks make excellent fireplace surrounds, reusing stone from old buildings is environmentally friendly and gives your fireplace exceptional character.

Knowing the history of the material in your home offers a connection to the place you live. There is no better way to enhance your home than adding a rustic fireplace surround you’ll come to appreciate in the depths of winter.

Redesigning Your Home with Different Countertops in Brookfield

Different Types of Countertops in Brookfield

Kitchens are among the most popular rooms to renovate. One of the best ways to affordably upgrade the space is to add a new countertop. Brookfield homeowners have a range of material choices but knowing which is right for you can seem daunting. Learn more about each type and then settle on the surface and style that match your vision.


Once considered a luxury countertop, granite has made its way into the mainstream and is now a popular choice for many homeowners. These natural stone surfaces offer an upscale look and come in various colors. They are durable, stain-resistant, and don’t suffer from wear and tear. It’s hard to imagine a granite countertop going out of style.


Another natural stone surface is quartz. It withstands everything from hot pots to serrated knives, so you know it will last through the ages. As a low-maintenance material in several colors and patterns, quartz gives granite a run for its money.


When budget is on your mind, but you still want the luxury look, laminate might be the answer. These countertops come in countless colors, designs, and patterns so that you can match them to any esthetic.

Remodeling with new countertops is an excellent way to transform your kitchen from a place you like to cook to somewhere you’ll love to spend more time.

The Reason You May Want Marble Showers in Milwaukee

Bathroom With Marble Showers in Milwaukee

There is something exquisite about stepping into a shower made of marble. What might surprise some homeowners is that marble showers in Milwaukee aren’t just beautiful, but they also make practical sense when it comes time to upgrade your bathroom.

Unlike more traditional tile and stone-based showers, cultured marble is 100% sealed and easy to clean. That means not only do you get to enjoy the beauty of its design, but you also don’t have to stress about its upkeep. Some of the other reasons to consider a marble shower include:

Beautiful Designs – Your marble shower features an almost endless amount of design possibilities. Just work with your designer, and they will guide you toward a finished shower that is both elegant and timeless. This also makes it easy for you to match your shower with your bathroom vanity.

Long-Lasting & Durable – Marble showers are known for their durability. With the proper care and maintenance, your marble can look just as good 15 years down the road as it did the day it was first installed.

Environmentally-Friendly – Some stone and tile showers require harsh chemicals to clean. That isn’t the case with marble showers. Thanks to its 100% sealed surface, your marble only needs some mild soap and a little water to keep it looking clean and new.

The Benefits of Wood Bathroom Vanities in Brookfield, WI

Wood Bathroom Vanities in Brookfield, WI

When you are thinking about making an update to your bathroom; it is time to consider wood bathroom vanities in Brookfield, WI. There are many benefits to with solid wood vanities—from their durability to their ability to handle the extreme conditions experienced in the bathroom. Just some of our favorite reasons to choose a solid wood vanity include:

Strong Enough for Stone – Solid wood bathroom vanities are strong enough to support the weight of heavy granite or marble countertops and backsplashes. That means you won’t have to worry about any drooping in the center a few months or years down the line.

Durability – Solid wood is very dense, so it isn’t easy to scratch, dent, or ding it. Not only that, but wood ages gracefully, which means it not only will stand up against wear and tear over the years; it will also look even better as it gets older. Additionally, natural wood surfaces won’t peel off like veneers can.

Customization – Genuine wood can be stained or repainted as many times as you like. That means you can update the look of your bathroom at any point without having to worry about pulling out your vanity and replacing it.

How to Use a Small Space with Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

Building Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

When you have a small kitchen, you might feel like you simply don’t have the amount of space you need. Fortunately, there is something you can do about that—and it doesn’t involve significant renovations. Instead, all you need to do is make the most of your kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI.

Our team has put together just a few different ideas that can help you expand the amount of space you have available to you in your kitchen by just making some adjustments to your cabinets. We know that when you put these ideas to work, your small space will instantly become much more functional and much less cramped.

Add Sliding Mechanisms – When space is of the essence, it is crucial to take advantage of any storage potential you might have available to you. By adding a shelved rack and sliding mechanism into a vertical dead space, for example, you are able to easily create storage for baking sheets, water bottles, pot lids, and more.

Remove the Hinge – If you have some tight corners, instead of trying to keep cabinet doors that can become a hindrance, simply remove them. This helps open up your space while giving you some great DIY open shelving opportunities. When you want to add a little flair to your cabinets; you can paint inside your new open shelving to give your space more personality.

Cut the Corners – With corner drawers, you are able to transform an awkward space into something much more accessible and usable. These cabinets are streamlined to fit into tight spaces and help you create a hardworking L-shaped workstation.

No matter what type of changes you plan to make to your kitchen to add room, it is vital to ensure that you are making it your own. Adding bits of your own style and personality to your space is what is going to make you genuinely love and appreciate it—whether it is small, big, or somewhere in-between.

Improve the Customer Experience with Custom Retail Store Cabinets

Custom Retail Store Cabinets in Milwaukee

If you have a brick-and-mortar retail location, you know the importance of making it easy for customers to shop. When you use a strategic plan and exceptional design to improve the shopping experience, you will likely see a return on your investment. Properly installed retail store cabinets enhance Milwaukee business interiors while encouraging shoppers to linger among their products.

Store Design

The layout is vital to any retail design. The goal is to invite shoppers to wend their way through your aisles, picking up items as they explore your store. Furniture, displays, shelving, and lighting are critical elements for your success.

Customer Flow

The typical customer’s pattern of behavior is what guides your layout. You need to understand shopping habits to design the store effectively. The goal is to optimize the retail experience and make the journey to the register as worthwhile as possible.

Your Store | Your Brand

Initially, customers enter your store based on your products. However, their experience inside is what keeps them there. Everything from the smell to the retail store cabinets impacts how they view your brand. Give them as many reasons as possible to stay, and they will be loyal customers for years.