modern kitchen with freestanding kitchen cabinets

Create a Classic Look with Freestanding Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to renovating the home, the kitchen is one of the most important areas you can invest in to bring up the value of your house. The kitchen truly is considered the heart of the home because friends and families alike converge there, whether for a special occasion or casual visit. That’s why companies like House of Stone, Inc. help you choose some of the best options for kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI.

As all trends tend to do, the stylish freestanding cabinet is making a comeback for those that want to install kitchen islands and movable pieces for their upgrades. These are some of the best focal points for a renovation because kitchen cabinets can be fully customized to your personal taste. Not to mention, owning freestanding cabinets comes with its own list of benefits:

Classic Style: Most homeowners choose freestanding cabinets because they want to reflect a traditional and timeless style.

Easier Cleaning: Since freestanding cabinets are on legs and have no toe-kick space, they make it possible to mop or dust beneath them.

Layout Flexibility: Many (but not all) manufacturers produce these cabinets as true pieces of furniture, finished on all sides; this means that you can back them up to a wall or place them in the center of the room.

Contact House of Stone for information about their products and services; they’ll be glad to discuss your kitchen renovation project in further detail.