Create a Rustic Look with Your Fireplace Surrounds in Milwaukee

Rustic Fireplace Surrounds in Milwaukee

Marrying rustic chic to contemporary design can give your space a modern warmth that will never go out of style. By using natural materials for fireplace surrounds, Milwaukee homeowners can enjoy the instant appeal of wood and stone.

Harmonizing Materials

The classic choices for a fireplace surround include wood and stone. When used as complementary materials, you can expect timeless beauty and exceptional results. Antique wood mantels and repurposed stone hearths are just the beginning of what you can do to create a fireplace that stands out as a feature in your home.

Reclaimed Wood

Wood that has history is popular because it reuses material from old structures and reduces the need to cut down existing trees. Hand-hewn beams make excellent mantels and offer a glimpse into the past while enhancing your home for the future.

Brick & Stone

While polished granite and bricks make excellent fireplace surrounds, reusing stone from old buildings is environmentally friendly and gives your fireplace exceptional character.

Knowing the history of the material in your home offers a connection to the place you live. There is no better way to enhance your home than adding a rustic fireplace surround you’ll come to appreciate in the depths of winter.