Custom Cabinets for Every Room in Milwaukee, WI

Cabinetry is often associated with kitchens, but it has much to offer beyond storing groceries and dishes. As the local experts on custom cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, we have extensive experience with adding cabinets to many different areas around the home. The following are some of the most popular options beyond kitchen cabinets.

Dining Room: If you have an open-concept kitchen, extending your cabinetry into the dining room area is a great way to create a unified look while increasing your storage space. We recommend using lower-level cabinets with the same design as those in the kitchen.

Bathroom: No matter how large your small your bathroom is, you likely find yourself needing more storage. Pairing custom cabinets with your bathroom vanity is a great way to maximize your space and make your bathroom more convenient.

Living Rooms: Set up an entertainment center, display your home décor, organize books, and more with living room cabinetry. Custom cabinets make a great statement piece by adding visual interest and reducing clutter.

Bedrooms: Whether you are renovating your master bedroom or your children’s playroom, you will be glad you added cabinets. Consider upgrading walk-in closets with custom cabinets and installing low cabinets that can double as a benchtop for lounging.