modern hotel bathroom

Design Features Every Hotel Bathroom Needs

Hotels work hard to ensure their rooms and bathrooms are as comfortable and clean as possible for their guests. On that same note, an even greater effort goes into making bathrooms look like a little spa so that you can get comfortable after a long day of traveling. For this reason, hotel bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI, and other locations take many design elements and tricks into account for a timeless yet modern look.

There are a few key things that most hotel bathrooms do to maintain their reputation for beautiful bathroom design, which are:

  • Hiding the Toilet Bowl: Toilets should not be a focal point; the more hidden and private, the better.
  • Choosing the Best Surfaces: A Perfect Fusion of Aesthetics and Functionality
  • Focus on the Vanity: It Must be Spacious and Striking
  • Maximize Space: Larger Bathrooms are Always More Luxurious
  • Layered Lighting:  Creates More Dimension in the Room

House of Stone is a dedicated company with a team of experts that can help transform commercial bathrooms into true modern dreams. Your guests will enjoy a luxury bathroom experience that will make your location feel elevated. Contact them today to learn more about their hand in designing hotel bathrooms and get a quote.