Four Tips for Stone Shower Wall Design

Stone Shower Walls in Milwaukee, WINothing improves the look and feel of your bathroom quite like natural stone. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the stone is a versatile and functional material that does exceptionally well in high-moisture environments. As such, it’s recommended to use in showers. As stone fabricators, we know everything there is to know about installing stone shower walls in Milwaukee, WI. Here are some of the things we’ve learned about stone shower design:

Aesthetic Expectations

What vibe do you want for your shower? Sleek and modern? Classic and elegant? Simple and clean? Aesthetic appeal plays an important part in choosing the right stone. For example, marble with its soft, water-ripple style is great for elegant designs, but might not be as sleek or modern as quartz.

Keep It Simple

While it can be exciting to create a dizzying array of textures and colors, when it comes to a shower: simple is better. The busier the space, the less relaxing it is, and a shower should be nothing but a calm place to clear away dirt and stress.

Stone Size

Choose stone tiles or veneers that make sense with the size of your shower and your bathroom. Smaller spaces benefit from smaller tile sizes. This will help make your shower look refined yet spacious.

Stone Texture

Like most surfaces, stone shower walls require regular cleaning, and cleaning a roughly textured stone wall could be difficult. Plus, if you bump into it while showering, it might be a little abrasive to your skin. Opt for stone with a smooth finish that’s easy to clean and polish.