Quality Material for Quartz Countertops in Brookfield, WI

Luxury materials often come with a considerable price tag. But how do you know when a product doesn’t make the grade? Learn what to look for, and you’ll avoid overpaying for inferior material. Your Brookfield, WI, quartz countertops should display the following qualities:

Consistent Color

You can expect some variations because the material is man-made using quartz crystals bound in resin. However, premium-quality quartz countertops should display consistency throughout the slab. The pattern may vary slightly, but the base color should remain the same.

Body Color & Aggregate Setting

The quartz aggregate within the resin should have an even distribution, with no pockets or patches. If the pattern doesn’t go to the bottom of the slab, you could run into issues with waterfall edges and under-mount sinks, where any inconsistencies will become evident.

Resin Quality

Top-quality quartz countertops contain over 90% compacted quartz with minimal polymer materials and resins. Poor-quality countertops will demonstrate resin pooling that ruins the look of the material. Quality resins can last for decades, and your countertop supplier should provide you with manufacturing certifications.

Consistent Polish

Your quartz countertop surface should be smooth, whether polished, honed, or brushed. Blotchy finishes indicate inexperienced application, cheap resin, or worn polishing pads.