How to Polish Your Mequon Home’s Granite Counters

A Home With Granite Counters

You’ve invested in your home by installing granite counters; now, you need to keep them looking great to maintain their beauty. Give your Mequon granite counters the special treatment with simple polishing tips from the experts:

  1. You’ll need warm water and mild soap to start. You can also buy special granite cleaner or mix a 50/50 solution of isopropyl alcohol instead of soap and water.
  2. Clean the counter thoroughly, removing all the dirt and spills. Microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning granite because they don’t leave behind any lint.
  3. Dry the counter with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. A completely dry counter will prevent the polish from streaking.
  4. You can make polish using three parts baking soda and one part water. Mix a thick paste and ensure there are no lumps. You can also buy brand-name granite polish if you prefer.
  5. Rub a thin, even coat of baking soda paste over the granite counter. If you’re using the brand name polish, follow the directions.
  6. Buff the counter with a soft cloth using a circular motion until you have polished the whole surface.
  7. Wipe off the polish with a damp cloth, and wipe the surface dry.

You now have a beautifully polished granite counter to show off to family and friends!