Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

Is It Time to Update Your Kitchen Cabinets?

When you have aging kitchen cabinets in Milwaukee, WI, you have two options for fixing them up. The first and more affordable option is refacing. As the name implies, this is basically a facelift for your cabinetry. You can replace the surface features of the cabinets to have newer-looking, stylish cabinets.

The second option is to replace them. This involves completely tearing out the existing fixtures and installing all-new ones. If your existing cabinets have only minor wear and tear, either option may work for you. However, here are some signs that your best bet may be to replace your kitchen cabinets rather than reface them.

  1. The aging cabinets are cheap, low-quality fixtures – It’s perfectly understandable to install what the budget allows. But over time, these products will definitely prove to have a shorter lifespan.
  2. Your cabinets have extensive damage – Maybe the years have not been kind to your cabinets, and the amount of structural damage call for a fresh start.
  3. You are completely redesigning your kitchen – When you’re reimagining what goes where and how you’ll use the space, your cabinets will be a major part of those considerations.
  4. Your cabinets give off odors – Sometimes, cabinets take on the smells of the items stored in them. It’s a kitchen, after all, so spilled oils and spices and other things may have seeped into the wood over time. This is definitely a sign you’re due for an upgrade.