Proper Care for Fireplaces and Fireplace Surrounds in Milwaukee, WI

The fireplace is usually the focal point of any house. There is something comforting about the glow of a fire and the crackling sound of burning wood. To help make sure your fireplace continues to provide comfort for years to come, consider these top tips for fireplace maintenance.

Cleaning the Interior of the Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces can produce a variety of byproducts, and you need to remove them regularly. Cleaning fireplace interiors and fireplace surrounds in Milwaukee, WI will make the fireplace more efficient in providing heat, and the ashes make excellent sources of nutrients for the plants in your garden. Use a dust mask when cleaning your fireplace.

Remove Soot and Creosote Buildup

Soot and creosote are brown or black residue found on the inner walls of chimneys and on fireplace surrounds. It is flammable, making it a major cause of chimney obstruction and fires. Both of these residues have to be removed professionally to prevent them from blocking the airflow and causing fires.

Use the Right Wood

Use seasoned hardwood like oaks, maple, and birch, and stay away from softwoods like cedar and pine. Seasoned woods have been properly dried with usually less than 20% moisture. Typically, wood should be dried for 6-12 months before they’re good for the hearth. To help them dry faster, it’s best to split logs into smaller pieces.