Design Tips for Hotel Bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI

Let us help you reimagine a space that’s thought of more for its functionality than its beauty. That space consists of hotel bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI. This is the place where your guests shave, shower, and get ready for a day of work or play in your city.

To make your guests’ visits one of comfort, ease, and beauty, you need to work luxury elements into the design. Here’s how:

Natural stone says class and elegance. So when you see marble countertops in a bathroom, you know this is a great place to stay. The hotel has taken steps to make your suite a lovely place where you feel welcome and pampered.

Another sign of an upscale hotel is the use of travertine in the shower. Use a tumbled or honed finish so it has grip and isn’t slippery. And enjoy the natural beauty and soft colors when this stone is made into tiles.

Granite tiles are durable and beautiful for bathroom flooring. Having natural stone underfoot makes your guests feel pampered while staying in hotel bathrooms in Milwaukee, WI.

Reach out to us to consult about design. Our company has been working with hotels and homeowners for more than 20 years to create inviting spaces.