Tips for Cleaning Your Granite Countertops in Milwaukee, WI

You’ve just had gorgeous granite countertops in Milwaukee, WI, installed in your kitchen. Congratulations. As these are made of natural stone, you can enjoy the beauty and durability for many years to come. And with these tips, your granite counters will look handsome now and in the future:

Regular Cleaning – We recommend using a microfiber cloth to wipe down your countertops. You can dampen the fabric for a more thorough cleaning. And we advise using a stone cleaner with a neutral pH when you do your weekly cleaning. If you’ve had a spill with oil soaked into the stone, you can use a paste to lift the stain. Combine 5 tablespoons of dish soap with 1 cup of baking soap or flour. Spoon the paste onto the counter and leave it overnight. Rinse and dry the spot the next morning.

Regular Maintenance – To avoid costly repairs, it’s wise to inspect your granite countertops in Milwaukee, WI, once a year. Be on the lookout for shifting or cracking taking place at the seams. And inspect your counters for other damage and stains. Then, call in professionals from a stone fabricating company to make the repairs and remove the stains.