Singing the Praises of Stone in the Shower

Stone Shower Walls in MilwaukeeThe luxury, longevity, and functionality of stone make this an ideal choice for the bathroom. This natural material is available in a wide variety of types and colors, but all are enduring, as is natural stone. The lifespan of this material makes it an excellent choice for any space that is built to last, such as stone shower walls in Milwaukee.

Compelling reasons to choose stone include:

Longevity — Stone lasts and lasts, especially when it’s properly sealed against water. This longevity makes this material an excellent return on your investment.

Energy Efficiency — Stone retains heat, which works well in the shower, especially during the long, cold winter. And, the opposite works in the summer, too, that cooled air seeps into the stone in the summer, so you’re comfortable all year-round.

Options in Installation — With advanced techniques in fabricating, stone can be shaped or sliced to meet your design preferences. Choose thin slabs or tiles to line the shower walls.

Design Choices — The beauty of stone complements a bathroom or shower room. It’s available in so many different types and colors. Your selection may include marble, slate, granite, or travertine for this space.

Ease of Maintenance — Once you have stone sealed, it demands little of you. Follow the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for your particular type of stone. For instance, use a granite cleaning product and pad for the shower walls and surrounds. This way, your shower walls always look their best.