The Beauty of Marble Showers

Marble has a timeless, classic appeal that truly elevates any space with its air of luxury and natural elegance. The beauty of marble lies not only in its aesthetic appeal, but in the sturdiness of the material itself. It’s no wonder homeowners have readily chosen to incorporate it into their kitchens, bedrooms, and bathrooms. Implementing this stone into showers is a trend that will never get old. Marble showers in Milwaukee, WI, and beyond are often tiled with the pale white variation of this stone. Touted for its pale shade, it goes with almost any home style.

The versatility of every piece of marble can be found in its spectrum of shades, the veining, and inclusions. Veining describes the grey streaks that cause the “marbling” effect. On the other hand, inclusions refer to the tiny hints of colored streaks derived from embedded minerals within the marble. It’s hard to believe that this is a natural stone considering all these lovely components. Installing it for a marble shower will give you a resilient, polished, luxurious bathroom.

Marble was often used in the past as a stately show of wealth, but now we can incorporate it into most places in our homes. A marble shower, bathroom, or any other marbleized space will elevate the look of the room and increase the property value of your home. So contact us today and choose marble for a natural, aesthetic upgrade.