The Beauty of Stone Shower Walls

Stone Shower Walls in MilwaukeeNatural stone is an excellent material to use in the bathroom due to its durability and ability to add immediate visual impact, transforming what once was a utilitarian space into a space of beauty. Stone has long been used for kitchen countertops; however, more homeowners are using the natural stone for stone shower walls in Milwaukee, or even to finish entire bathrooms.

Natural stone is a fantastic material for the shower if you opt for the right type of stone and if it is installed correctly. Here are some considerations when using natural stone in the shower.


Marble is a popular choice for stone shower walls due to its light coloring.  If you’re using marble in your shower, you’ll want to choose the highest grade possible for minimal inclusions and veining. To avoid discoloration over time, you’ll need to ensure it is properly sealed and cleaned.


Granite can be a highly durable and dense material that offers an endless variety of custom possibilities. Granite stone is easier to maintain than some natural stones as it won’t react to acid, ammonia, or alcohol. You will need to seal the stone to protect its natural beauty and ensure its performance as stone shower walls.


Slate and split-stone are also common natural stones in the shower as they are available in a range of color tones and sizes.  They are also considered a cost-effective option. It’s essential to look at the quality. Some types are known to flake or deteriorate in wet environments over time. Like granite, you’ll also need to ensure it has a non-slip finish and is properly sealed for longevity.