The Environmental Impact of Quartz Countertops

Quartz is one of the most popular materials among green-minded homeowners, thanks to its positive environmental impact. Read on to learn about the five reasons why quartz countertops in Milwaukee homes are considered eco-friendly.

Quartz Is an Abundant Resource: Quartz is the second most abundant mineral on Earth, so it can be easily found and sourced almost anywhere—including Wisconsin. In comparison, marble and granite require complex mining and transportation across long distances, creating a much larger carbon footprint.

Quartz Lasts a Long Time: A quartz countertop can take a lot of damage, and it has a long natural lifespan. Once installed, you’ll likely never need to replace it.

Quartz Is Recyclable: If you ever decide you want a new countertop, you can rest easy knowing that your quartz surface has a high recyclable value. In fact, recycled quartz countertops are nearly waste-free.

Quartz Is Hygienic: Keeping your surfaces clean is important, but you may still find yourself wincing at the number of paper towels you throw away in pursuit of a tidy countertop. Fortunately, you can waste less with a quartz countertop since they are non-porous and germ-resistant and thus do not require as much cleaning as other materials.

Quartz Doesn’t Need Strong Cleaning Chemicals: Thanks to its germ and stain resistance, you don’t need harsh chemicals to keep your quartz surface clean. Wiping it down with mild soap will more than suffice.