Types of Materials for Your Fireplace Surrounds in Milwaukee

Fireplaces are often the focal point of their room, so it’s important to have a unit that’s both functional and attractive. While shopping for fireplace surrounds in Milwaukee, you’ll discover that there are many kinds of materials to choose from to enhance your fireplace’s appearance. Here is an overview of some popular options:

Brick: When you imagine a classic fireplace, you likely imagine a brick fireplace surround. Since they come in a range of colors and sizes, you can easily match them to the rest of your room’s interior.

Plaster: This combination of aggregates, sand, and cement delivers the necessary fireproofing and can be finished to suit anything from a sleek, contemporary design to a rustic, traditional style.

Tile: Not all tile is suitable for fireplace surrounds, but some ceramic, porcelain, glass, and concrete styles are. It can be used as an accent or cover the entire wall to create an eye-catching feature.

Concrete: A concrete surround makes a similar impression to a plaster one but with a modern, industrial edge. You can coat the fireplace walls with concrete or have it poured into a mold to form a hearth bench and mantel.

Stacked Stone: For those who love traditional designs, stacked stone is a natural choice for fireplace surrounds. It evokes the feeling of a log cabin or country-stye home, but it can also be incorporated into other kinds of interior designs.