What are Engineered Stone Countertops?

As you shop around for new countertops, you may wonder what it means when stone is “engineered.” As one of the top sellers of engineered stone in Milwaukee, we’re here to answer your questions.

Stone countertops come in two types: natural and engineered. Natural stone countertops are surfaces cut from pure stone; they may be made from a slab of granite, marble, sandstone, or another material. Engineered stone countertops, however, are made from quartz crystals that are bound together with resin. Due to this, they are also known as quartz countertops.

Why Should You Buy an Engineered Stone Countertop?

Every homeowner has their preferences, and some prefer the purity of natural stone. However, you’d be remiss to overlook the many benefits that engineered stone can provide to you and your home.

First, you know exactly what you are getting if you go the engineered route. Natural stone slabs all have variations, so the sample you liked from the showroom may not closely resemble what gets installed in your kitchen. There are no such surprises with a quartz countertop. Plus, engineered products come in so many different colors, styles, and patterns that you’re sure to find a sample you love.

Second, engineered stone surfaces tend to cost less than natural stone, especially the more high-end varieties. Your dollar goes further with quartz, allowing you to invest more in other home improvements. Do some comparison shopping to see how much you can save.

Finally, since engineered stone countertops are made from crushed natural stone and polymer resin, they are very durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, they never need sealing like natural stone because they are non-porous. You never have to worry about staining, plus it is highly hygienic.