What are the Most Durable Countertops for Mequon Homes?

When you’re investing in home improvements, you want to be sure you’re adding features that will stand the test of time. Thus, a natural question that arises while shopping for countertops in Mequon is which styles last the longest. The following materials are typically regarded as the most durable options:

Granite: Whether you purchase natural granite or engineered granite, you can rest assured that you are getting an extremely durable and heat- and scratch-resistant product. Granite remains one of the nation’s most popular types of countertops for good reasons.

Quartz: Another top contender, quartz is beloved by homeowners because it is both difficult to damage and stain, plus it needs little-to-no maintenance. You can even choose a design that mimics the appearance of granite or marble.

Recycled Glass: Homeowners who want a beautiful, eco-conscious surface should consider recycled glass. It is heat, scratch, and stain-resistant, not to mention composed of about 80% recycled glass from colorful bottles and other products.

Concrete: While concrete may seem like an odd choice for countertops, this style is rapidly becoming more and more popular due to its durability. Plus, it can be made to resemble natural stone, wood, or metal to match your décor.