Kitchen With Granite Countertops in Milwaukee

When upgrading your kitchen design to a more modern look, you likely want to replace your countertops. They may show damage, wear, or simply have outstayed their welcome, but what do you do with old granite countertops in Milwaukee? There are a few different options for dealing with this cumbersome problem.

Consider a Donation

Organizations like Habitat for Humanity count on donations to build homes, and they would welcome a granite countertop. Your contribution might qualify for a donation receipt, which you may be able to claim against your taxes.

What Was Old Is New

Instead of disposing of your counter, consider making it into something else. Granite is ideal for several products, including cutting boards, wall and floor tiles, fire pits, tabletops, and shelves.

Recycle It

Dumping your granite counter into the landfill means it will be there for more than a century. Some facilities can recycle the material, where it will be transformed into something useful.

Keep It

If wear or damage is the reason you want to remove your old granite countertop, but you still like the look, it may be repairable. Ask your local granite supplier whether their services include granite restoration. You could save a lot of money and keep the counter you love.