Why You May Love Open Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

Enjoy Open Kitchen Cabinets in Milwaukee, WI

While some people are happy to hide their dishes and dry goods behind closed doors, others want them accessible and on display. If your preference is to show off your cups and pantry items, open kitchen cabinets might be the answer. While the most common choice of kitchen cabinets for Milwaukee, WI, homes are solid fronts, open shelves are gaining popularity in renovations and new construction.

Wide Open Spaces

Open concept isn’t just for rooms anymore. Open kitchen cabinets are a popular choice to create the illusion of more room in a smaller space.

Keeping it Clean

It is a lot easier to motivate yourself to maintain cleanliness when you can see the items on the shelves. You will find yourself wanting to take a moment or two to straighten up the dishes and canisters because they are on display.

Beautiful By Design

If you have taken care to choose dinnerware that you adore, show them off with open kitchen cabinets. It will become part of the design esthetic of the room and beautify the space as functional art.

Although you are not using kitchen cabinet doors, you still have many options for materials and style. From live-edge wood to clean, crisp lines, you can choose a complementary design that brings out the best in your kitchen.