Why You Should Install Marble Countertops

A Home With Marble Countertops

Granite countertops might be the most popular option for homeowners upgrading their kitchen and bathroom counters, but it isn’t the only option. Many homeowners find that marble countertops in Milwaukee, WI, make the perfect surfaces—especially in smaller kitchens and bathrooms without ample natural light. Here are just some of the different reasons homeowners consider marble when looking to upgrade their counters:

Great for Baking – Marble stays naturally cool and always remains below room temperature. That makes it an ideal working surface for bakers working with dough, pastries, chocolate, and even ice cream.

Easy to Cut & Shape – Since it is softer than other natural stone options, marble can come in a greater variety of edge profiles. These edges don’t just come in the most popular options—including straight and bullnose—but also in an elegant cove bullnose, stair thread, chiseled, or waterfall edge.

Durable – Marble might need more maintenance than other types of natural stone, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t incredibly strong. Remember, some of the world’s oldest and most recognizable landmarks are made from marble.

Timeless Elegance – Marble comes in various colors and is prized for its beauty and warmth. That means it is easy to find a marble counter that perfectly fits your current style and any future décor looks you might feel like exploring.

Brightness – Marble’s natural glow reflects light in a room. That means a marble countertop might be the perfect option if you have a kitchen or bathroom that is on the smaller side or doesn’t have much in the way of natural light. When installed correctly and regularly polished, your marble countertop can make that small space appear larger and brighter.